INSPIRATION: Here's to Polaroid

When I was a bit younger, I wanted a polaroid camera really bad. Then I checked some websites and shops for prices, but discovered that making polaroids is pretty expensive. So I let that dream go. For a while, because I'm re-dreaming it. (Yes I'm making up my own vocabulary :D) When I get a real job and get loaded, I'm gonna buy a polaroid camera and be cool and sh*t :D.


  1. I love Polaroids and instant photography too, but for the time being you might want to try Poladroid. It's a program that converts your digital photos into Polaroid style images. It's not the same as having the real thing developing in your hands, but is a good substitute until you can afford a camera, plus it's free! x

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  2. love the 4th and 5th picture!!


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