TREND: Eight Nail Polish Trends for Spring 2012

This year nail polish trends are fresh, bright and colorful. The color green is the hottest color for 2012. Especially this spring. Take a look at these pistachio colors.

Red? Boring! The orange-reddish color is much better. Perfect for everything, the beach, school, shopping or evening. It's fun, sexy and classy at the same time.

I remember when glitter and flakies were populair in the 90's, I was about ten years old. After that, glitter nail polish was 'so not cool' and childish. So when the flakies returned last year I was so confused haha. Anyway, the glitters and flakies are still going strong in spring 2012. The latest versions have 3D holographics. Sounds futuristic, but simply means that it shows the facets of the tiny glitters when you move your nails.

Bright colors also continue to trend in spring 2012. These neon colors suit the color blocking trend that has been going on.

Nude nails are back too, but this time it's about matching the nail polish with your skin tone. The idea behind it is making your fingers look longer.

Every shade of blue is my favorite color so I'm really happy with the following trend. Baby blues, metallic blue, turquoise, navy. This trend will be lasting throughout next fall.

Passion for pastels! Not only your clothes but also your nails will be dreamy this year. You can take your pastel yellow shirt and have mint green nails. These color palettes are anything but boring. It's vintage, young, inspiring and fun.

Not a big fan of pink here, but this stronghearted pink I like. I'll definitely be taking on this trend. It's girly, but not teenager, strong, edgy and (again) fun.

What nail polish trend are you most excited about?



  1. Echt hele leuke kleurtjes, ik vind al deze trends wel iets hebben :)

  2. must get May from Chanel!! it's adorable!!


  3. They all look amazing !
    amazing post, and really great blog :)
    What do you think, of following each other ?

  4. I'm definitely going with mint and nude this season ((:



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