TREND: Nail Polish for Fall 2012

Fall is the best time for fashion, don't you agree. The lower the temperature drops, the more clothes you can wear! But don't forget your nails, coat them this fall with these eight warm hues: berries, cocoa, foliage, metallic, navy, purple and teal.

They're all so gorgeous. I love summer but this makes me so excited for autumn. 
Tell me what you think!

ART: Pencil vs. Camera

You  may have seen my other post with the artwork of the following creative genius. Ben Heine, that is.

Check out more of his awesome stuff on his Deviant-account.

TREND: British Flag

I kind of hate the American flag scarf trend, because I prefer the British flag anyways. What your favorite? And if you're a Brit, would you wear clothes with the flag?

My advice on the whole flag hype is don't overdo it. You don't see me wearing a dutch flag around my neck.