TREND: British Flag

I kind of hate the American flag scarf trend, because I prefer the British flag anyways. What your favorite? And if you're a Brit, would you wear clothes with the flag?

My advice on the whole flag hype is don't overdo it. You don't see me wearing a dutch flag around my neck.


  1. Great inspiration post, really love it, and your blog also!
    Do you wanna follow each other?
    Have a great day!

  2. I love it, so fun..i will definetly have to try this out! :)


  3. I'm not much of a flag person. But I like the Converse and the shorts with the british flag. I would never wear the Belgian flag though :-P so not me!

  4. I'm not a Brit but would wear it without any problem! I'm just back from England and got crazy of it, I wanted flags for everything, everywhere even for my garden hah
    I prefered a diamond jubilee tea mug though ;)
    very inspiring pictures and blog !

  5. I quite like the flag trend. I own a Union Jack top that I love!! I think not every flag will work in an outfit. I am from Malaysia and I don't think I will ever wear the Malaysian flag. lol


  6. I love the Union Jack! I have a few pieces of clothing with it as well


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