REVEALED: Sneak Peek H&M Fashion Against Aids

By the looks of this sneak peek photo the Fashion Against Aids collection 2012 will be gorgeous. It looks so fun and colorful. I wasn't as excited about the previous FAA collections. They seemed a bit dull and the 2010 and 2011 collections looked to much alike to me.  So I'm very happy they totally changed their inspiration.

The FAA collection launches 26th April this year. I'm hoping I could score some of the items from the online shop.

Let me know what you think. Are you as excited about this collection as I am?


STYLE DOC.: Cast of Pretty Little Liars

It's Wednesday everybody*. That means another Style Doc. for you, guys! The week has gone by quickly already pfiew. Don't you just love the sun shining on your face *sigh. Silly worries melting away, because of the promise of spring... And when you can wear the summer dresses that have been hiding in your closet for months or concealed behind a blazer and vests. Well, not anymore you will my dear summer dresses. We will set you  free and show you to the world woehoe. Okay, I got a bit carried away.
Speaking of Carried away, check out the post below about a young Carrie (SatC) in The Carrie Diaries.

Style Doc. is a regular post on this blog. Every Wednesday I'm giving you the best style inspiration from one actress, singer, model, blogger, designer, editor and so on. And from time to time, I will feature some stylish guys too.

Spencer | Aria | Emily | Hanna

So, I don't know if anyone of you lovely readers watch Pretty Little Liars. If you do let me know in the comment. And let me know what you thought about the season finale. No spoilers please, we don't want to ruin it for others :). God, what an ending. I was expecting this person to be 'A' actually.
Anyway, throughout the two seasons I've been so excited about the styling of the four girls. It's excellent. Everyone of the girls has their own great style that suits their personality really well.

Aria has my favorite styling. Her outfits are always unique and trend setting. Adore her!

Let me know in a comment who your favorite is? And do you watch Pretty Little Liars? What did you think of the season finale? 
(no spoilers please)

REVEALED: Young Carrie from Carrie Diaries (SatC)

Anna-Sophia Robb will be playing the young Carrie in the tv show (HBO) adaptation of the prequel to the Sex and the City book 'the Carrie Diaries'. This has been known for a few months, but today an actually photo was revealed.

I think she looks really cute. I like Anna-Sophia Robb as an actrice, she's good. She doesn't really look like Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie, but perhaps that's not the point. SatC started with a book after all. I do think she can embody Carrie as a character really well. I actually read the first 100 pages from the book Carrie Diaries.
About this photo.. don't you agree that this outfit looks so adorable? I love the location as well, beautiful skyline behind her. The book is actually not set in New York, so I'm curious about how they're going to fit New York into this. Again, I haven't read the entire book so I don't know. We'll see...

Let me know what you think of this photo? Will you watch The Carrie Diaries?

EDIT: Found another photo. This one was taking on the set. Oeh, I do love her hair.

TREND: 8 New Colors Trends 2012

Refinery29 has whipped up -again- a insight into new color trends for 2012. Check it out!

Burnt Orange

Proenza Schouler | Riodarte | Vionnet

Eggplant (Aubergine)

Ferragamo | Bottega Veneta | YSL

Royal Blue

Stella McCartney | Chanel | Prabal Gurung


Chloe | Carven | Rachel Comey

Deep Teal

Sonia Rykiel | Balmain | Oscar de la Renta

Primrose Yellow

Aquilano Rimondi | DVF | Oscar de la Renta

Venetian Red

Thakoon | Rodarte | Rag & Bone


Missoni | Oscar de la Rente | Lanvin



STYLE DOC.: Ebba Zingmark

Style Doc. is a regular post on this blog. Every Wednesday I'm giving you the best style inspiration from one actress, singer, model, blogger, designer, editor and so on. And from time to time, I will feature some stylish guys too.

This gorgeous redhead blogger from Sweden is one of my favorite style inspirations. Not only is see eye-stabbingly (again, I'm making up words) beautiful she has killer taste. And she's only 16 years old! This girl's got a bright fashion future.

These are some of my favorites from her Lookbook. Prepare to be inspired!

Photos are from older to newest

This kind of style deserves a long post like this.

As you may noticed that near the end, her legs are getting skinnier. I think that's really sad for her. She would be beautiful still if she was 70-80 kg (160-180 lbs)

Previous Style Doc.: Alexa Chung